Sam is an artist and designer born, bred, and based in New York City. QGTM.

She enjoys experimenting with different mediums, textures, and the occasional retina-burning color.

Graffiti and the deep dark intimidating depths of neglected human emotion drive her personal art.

She is mostly self-taught and fueled by a liberating yet stubborn curiousity.

She is also a first-generation American figuring life out as she goes.


︎︎︎ designing @ Droga5
︎︎︎ aprendiendo español 🇲🇽
︎︎︎ hoarding a hobby
︎︎︎ not taking myself too seriously


︎︎︎ designed, art directed, shared memes @ Business Insider/Insider


WORK  Essentia Water / The New York Times / Chase / Playground / Insider / Meanwhile Back in Queens / Personal